The Ultimate Guide to Rice Purity Test Score Meaning (2023)

Are you wondering what your Rice Purity Test score really means?

The Rice Purity Test is a popular online survey taken by students around the world. The test consists of 100 questions about activities and behaviors, and the results are given as a score out of 100. While the results may seem straightforward, this score can often be difficult to interpret.

So, what does your Rice Purity Test score really mean? In this guide, we’ll answer this question in detail. We’ll cover how the test works, what the score means in terms of personal behavior and development, and how to interpret your result in order to get the most out of it. From understanding teenage sexual development to looking at family values, this Ultimate Guide will give you all the information you need to make sense of your Rice Purity Test score.

What Is the Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test is an informal survey that starts with a series of 100 questions about a person’s behavior, thoughts, and feelings about their daily lives and beliefs. The test is traditionally used as a way to bond with friends and family during the freshman year at Rice University. However, it has since become popular among other college students and young adults seeking to measure their ‘purity’ in life.

By answering the questions honestly, you will be awarded a score out of 100 which will reflect your level of ‘purity’ or innocence in life. The higher your score, the more pure you are deemed to be. It is important to note that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer—the test simply offers insight into how far you have progressed over time—and what areas need improvement.

What is the rice purity test

The Rice Purity Test is a 100-question survey created by Rice University’s student orientation leaders in the 1950s. The test is designed to measure a person’s innocence and purity based on their responses to various questions covering topics such as sexual experience, drugs and alcohol use, criminal activities, and other taboo subjects.

Once you’ve taken the Rice Purity Test, you’ll be given your total score as well as breakdowns of each category. The highest possible score you can achieve is 100 and the lowest is 0. Your overall score provides insight into how much—or how little—experience you have with respect to the topics covered in the test.

For instance, if you received a score close to 100, it may mean that your responses indicate that you have little to no experience with risky behaviors. If your score is close to 0, however, it may mean that you have some level of experience with these behaviors or activities.

Ultimately, your total score serves as an indication of how much exposure you’ve had when it comes to potentially dangerous behaviors or activities—regardless of whether this exposure has been positive or negative.

How the Rice Purity Test Works

The Rice Purity Test is an anonymous online questionnaire with 100 questions that students are asked to answer honestly. In a retro throwback to the 1920s, it is often taken as part of a freshman orientation or after field day. The test is meant to be a fun way to measure students’ innocence and experiences related to sexuality, drugs, alcohol, crime, and more.

The questions are divided into nine categories:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Travel & Places
  • Personal Habits
  • Law Breaking
  • Values
  • Miscellaneous

The response options for each question range from 0 (never done before) to 10 (done on several occasions). The total score you get at the end of the survey is then interpreted according to the following scale:

0–150: Overly Innocent

151–350: Pretty Innocent

351–600: Semi Experienced

601–850: Experienced

851–1000: Too Experienced

Rice purity test score meaning

The Rice Purity Test Score is a fun way to measure your innocence, purity, and overall lifestyle. It is made up of 100 questions ranging from harmless childhood activities to serious adult concerns. Depending upon how many questions you answer “yes” to, you will then receive a score out of 100.

So, what does your Rice Purity Test Score mean? The score you get reflects your experience and knowledge in life. If you scored very low, it likely means that you’ve had little or no experience with certain types of activities – either because of personal choice or lack of opportunity. Likewise, if your score is very high, it could suggest that you are experienced in various areas of life.

It’s important to remember that the Rice Purity Test is not intended to be used as a judgmental tool. It simply provides insight into your current level of experience in life and should not be taken too seriously!

Common Misconceptions About the Rice Purity Test

People often have misunderstandings about the Rice Purity Test, which can lead to incorrect interpretations of test results. Here are some of the most common misconceptions:

The Rice Purity Test Is Accurate

Although the Rice Purity Test is intended to give an overview of one’s experiences and behavior, it is important to remember that it is not a scientific or medical assessment. It does not measure IQ, morality, or any other such trait. The scores are just a representation of how much someone has done or experienced in life.

Your Score Reflects Your Character

The Rice Purity Test score is not an indicator of character. It does not reflect the kind of person you are or your moral standing. Everyone goes through different experiences in life and has different opinions about what’s acceptable behavior; therefore, it’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is unique and valid.

A Low Score Is Bad/A High Score Is Good

Your score on the Rice Purity Test doesn’t reflect your “worthiness” or ability as a person in any way — it simply reflects your experiences at a particular point in time! Every individual should make their own decisions about what’s right for them and no one should be judged based on their score.

FAQs About the Rice Purity Test

When it comes to understanding the Rice Purity Test, you may have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this unique measuring system:

What is a good Rice Purity Test score?

There is no set answer to this question, as it depends on how you compare yourself to other test-takers. Generally, a score between 80-90 indicates an average level of purity, while scores below 80 signify a higher level of purity. Of course, there is no wrong answer when it comes to your Rice Purity Test score!

Can I retake the test?

Yes! You can take the test as many times as you like. The idea behind the Rice Purity Test is to measure individual growth and progress over time. It’s important to remember that no two results will ever be the same, so don’t get discouraged if your score isn’t as high as you’d like it to be.

Is there any way to increase my Rice Purity Test score?

Yes! To increase your score on the test, try making positive lifestyle changes such as limiting alcohol consumption and avoiding activities associated with risky behavior. In addition, spend time doing activities that promote positivity and wellness in your life.


Ultimately, what your Rice Purity Test score means is personal to you. Whether you are a rookie or an experienced tester, you can determine what your score says about your understanding of yourself based on your answers. High scores indicate that you are living a relatively “pure” life, while low scores suggest that you have done or experienced various activities that are considered to be more adult in nature.

Although the Rice Purity Test is often seen as a fun game, it can also be a good indicator of your level of maturity and understanding of certain aspects of life. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that your score does not define you – and at the end of the day, your choices and decisions are the only ones that matter.

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