The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (2023)

If you've ever used a Roku streaming stick or set-top box, then you know that the popular Roku TV OS platform is one of the most user-friendly ways to get access to streaming apps such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max, as well as tons of other apps and games.

But if you happen to be in the market for a new TV and are pretty set on Roku as your operating system of choice, Roku also partners with a handful of TV makers, like TCL and Hisense, to offer up a solid lineup of sets with the OS built right in. Roku itself recently announced that it, too, will be designing and making its own Roku-branded TVs beginning in the spring of 2023, so if you don't see something on this list, you can wait to see what Roku offers.

If TCL (Roku TV's main client) is a TV brand you're into, you're in luck as all of the TVs on our list are currently from TCL -- Hisense seems to be making more moves toward Google these days. And for our money, we think that the best Roku TV you can get tight now is the TCL 6-Series,

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  • TCL 6-Series (2022)
  • TCL 6-Series 8K
  • TCL 3-Series
  • TCL 4-Series 55S455
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (1)

TCL 6-Series (2022)

The best overall Roku TV

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The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (2)

TCL 6-Series 8K

The best 8K Roku TV

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The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (3)

TCL 3-Series

Best budget Roku TV

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The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (4)

TCL 4-Series 55S455

The best value for size

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The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (5)

TCL 6-Series (2022)

The best overall Roku TV

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  • Punchy HDR brightness and color
  • Minimal backlight blooming
  • Good motion resolution
  • Great viewing angles
  • Intuitive Roku interface


  • Requires adjustment for best picture
  • Struggles to clean up low-quality content

TCL's 6-Series (R655) holds its spot at the top of this list with the 2022 model of its stellar 4K mini-LED TV. The 55- and 65-inch sizes both come in at an insanely affordable sub-$1,000, making them an obvious choice. But let's dig in.

TCL took more of an "if it's not broken, don't fix it approach" to the 2022 model of the 6-Series, but has made some welcome changes. It's the brightest 6-Series TCL has ever made, delivering Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG contrast at just under 1,500 nits peak brightness in our tests, with minimal blooming and great color. In short, this thing is stunning.

And while the 6-Series' black levels and contrast aren't quite as good as the best QLED and OLED TV models, the gap has never been smaller. It's an accomplishment that is all the more remarkable when you consider the price.

The latest TCL 6-Series, like its predecessor, is also Dolby Atmos-capable, which isn't going to mean a thing if you're planning on using the built-in speakers in the TV (who does that anyway?), but it will ensure you'll get amazing surround sound when and if you add a soundbar or AV receiver setup.

Gamers will appreciate the 6-Series too, as it supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for color accuracy and contrast, as well as a variable refresh rate (VRR) of up to 144Hz to fend off lag and stutter during gameplay and to ensure smooth gaming. There's also an auto gaming mode that adjusts the picture mode automatically when you get after it.

This Roku Smart TV also has a voice-capable Roku remote control that lets you issue commands like "start Netflix" to control TV functions or "Margot Robbie" to search for all movies and shows that feature the actor. Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility give you access to many similar voice commands through a smart speaker if you already own one, and Apple AirPlay compatibility lets you share stuff off your iPhone to the TCL TV.

The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (6)

TCL 6-Series (2022)

The best overall Roku TV

The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (7)

TCL 6-Series 8K

The best 8K Roku TV

Read our in-depth review


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Surprisingly good sound
  • Improved Roku TV remote
  • Easy setup
  • Excellent for gaming


  • Poor off-axis performance
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If cost isn’t as important to you and you prefer to pick a QLED with the highest resolution possible for your images, this stunning 8K 6-Series model has everything you want. It includes the latest mini-LED QLED technology from TCL in a tight, sturdy design.

Color and shading are also impressive on this model: 240 localized lighting zones keep the contrast ratio accurate, while the AiPQ Engine supports HDR and automatically optimizes color and clarity depending on what you’re watching. Note that larger sizes will benefit more from the 8K resolution: We picked a 65-inch to start for this model, but a 75-inch option is also available!

The TV supports a refresh rate of up to 120Hz and includes four HDMI ports as well as a USB. Voice command support for Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant is also available for control playback and the smart features of the TV.

Keep in mind, an 8K TV also needs 8K content to take full advantage of the resolution, and that’s not really available to consumers yet. Think of this TCL 6-Series model as future-proofing your viewing for years into the future as 8K becomes more common. Until then, you can enjoy upscaled 4K content and more.

The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (8)

TCL 6-Series 8K

The best 8K Roku TV


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The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (9)

TCL 3-Series

Best budget Roku TV


  • Compact size for smaller spaces
  • Easy-to-use Roku OS
  • Voice assistant compatibility


  • It's only 720p
  • Could be brighter

If screen size isn't an objection, you can save a lot of money by downsizing to a 32-inch screen while still getting all the TV features you want, including built-in Roku support. That makes this Roku TV model a great pick as a secondary TV (say, in the kitchen or bedroom), or a TV you will be relatively close to and don't need anything much larger (like in a loft or dorm).

The TCL 3-Series 32S335 model includes dual-band Wi-Fi for your wireless connection, three HDMI 2.0 ports for managing multiple devices, Optical Audio out, Composite, and a USB-A connection if necessary for your media player. The TV also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can give voice searches or quick volume commands without needing a remote (not all Roku features will be supported by voice command). The only downside of this extra-affordable TV is that the resolution only reaches 720p, so you won't get all the supporting detail for lots of content, especially if you're watching from only a short distance.

The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (10)

TCL 3-Series

Best budget Roku TV

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TCL 4-Series 55S455

The best value for size


  • Roku OS easy to use
  • Great 4K value for the size
  • Four HDMI inputs
  • HDR10 and HLG support


  • Only tops out at 60Hz
  • Poor off-angle viewing

If you've been wanting to invest in a new TV, and want a good-sized screen for a rock-bottom price, the TCL 55-inch 4-Series is your dream come true. Topping out at 4K resolution, even if you're not watching something in native UHD, the 4-Series will do a fantastic job at upscaling HD and SD content to give it more clarity, pop, and punch.

On top of four HDMI inputs and HDR10 and HLG support, the 4-Series is also compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, and even includes a game mode that automatically optimizes picture quality for next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

It's not the strongest TV in terms of overall motion performance (only 60Hz refresh rate) and HDR capabilities, and there are some handy picture adjustments tucked away in the Roku companion app, but that doesn't mean you should steer clear. In fact, for the price and range of features, the TCL 55-inch 4-Series is an absolute steal.

The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (11)

TCL 4-Series 55S455

The best value for size

Frequently Asked Questions

What TV brands is Roku available on?

For several years, Roku in North America has primarily been built into TCL and Hisense TVs, which is why they have dominated our list. Hisense only has a handful of Roku TVs left on its roster, signaling that the brand may be leaving Roku behind. The big news at the beginning of 2023, though, is that Roku will be launching its own Roku-branded TVs in the spring of 2023 that are designed and manufactured by the company. There will be 11 models in total ranging from 24 to 75 inches. We'll have more on this as it comes, but for now you can learn the details at Roku's website.

What should you consider before buying a new television?

It's always a good idea to start with your budget and how much space you have for a new TV (remember, screen size measurements generally refer to the diagonal length on TVs). Our guide here focuses on the Roku TV platform. If you don't need a smart TV platform — for example, if you use the interface on a game console or set-top box – then this isn't much of a consideration. But if you will be using the smart TV platform, it's a very important choice. Google TV, for example, is a common alternative to Roku TV. Take some time to look at interfaces and think about what you want! After that, it's time to think about panel types, such as QLED versus OLED, resolution, and other important specs. Check out our TV buying guide for more information.

When and where can you find the best deals on Roku televisions?

We'll make this one easy for you: Check out our guide to the latest Roku deals. We keep it constantly updated so you know exactly what discounts look like!

What is the difference between Roku TV and Apple TV?

Thinking about the differences between Roku TV and Apple TV? There are several things you should know:

  • These Roku TVs have Roku's user interface as a built-in platform. The Apple TV is a separate set-top box device that connects to a TV – there are no TVs with Apple's tvOS built in (at least not in the same way). Roku has its set-top boxes as well, but the advantage of these TVs is that you don't need another Roku streaming device.

  • Apple TV is a streaming device generally designed to supplement an existing TV, doesn't need a smart TV to work, and can easily be moved between TVs, which is an advantage to using a set-top box versus a built-in platform. You will need an HDMI port to connect it.

    (Video) Best Budget TVs 2023 [don’t buy one before watching this]

  • If you're an Apple fan, there's some good news: Roku TVs generally support the Apple TV app, which allows you to stream Apple TV+, so you can still watch Apple shows.

  • However, features like Apple Arcade and Apple Fitness only are available on an Apple TV set-top device, so there are some limitations there.

Do you have to subscribe to Roku to use a Roku TV?

No, the Roku platform itself is free to use. You can still stream from apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc., without worrying about having to pay a Roku fee (as long as you are managing subscriptions for those individual services). These days, Roku doesn't offer much in the way of subscription services, so it's unlikely you'll ever have to pay Roku an ongoing fee after you have purchased your TV or device.

Can you watch normal TV on a Roku TV?

Yes, although that depends on what your definition of normal TV is. You can connect your TV to a receiver, set-top box, or cable box and watch TV that way, just as you would with any other TV. You can also connect an antenna and watch any free channels that you can pick up in your area. There is no requirement to use the Roku platform itself unless you want to stream apps and channels directly from your TV.

What channels on Roku are free?

The first place you should go for free streaming content is The Roku Channel. Roku offers most content on this channel for free and includes a broad amount of content, from kids' shows to popular movies of decades past. There's some premium content on this channel that you have to pay for, but the majority of it is free to watch. Roku also supports other apps that don't require a subscription, including popular options like Crackle, Pluto TV, Tubi, and others.

However, the popular third-party streaming apps — Netflix, Disney+, etc. – that require subscriptions to watch will still require fees when used on Roku. You will need to sign in with your account information when first opening these apps.

Does Roku work without internet?

No. The Roku platform will require an internet connection to work, usually through Wi-Fi. That doesn't mean you can't use your TV, but none of the smart features Roku offers will be able to function without an internet connection.

Does Roku work with AirPlay?

Yes, many Roku TVs work with AirPlay and HomeKit, so it's quite Apple-friendly. You may also be able to cast to a Roku from an Android device, although this can vary.

The best Roku TVs of 2023: which should you buy? | Digital Trends (12)

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