Compare And Contrast Characteristics Of Healthy Versus Unhealthy Relationships. (2023)

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Answer 1

Having healthy relationships in ones life is incredibly important for mental health and growth. It is common knowledge that you are the five people that you spend the most time with. Therefore, knowing the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships is essential.
An unhealthy relationship can be emotionally abusive. Some common signs arewhen a person actively attempts to cut off your support system like close friends and family members. Younotice that youfeel worse about yourself as a person than when you started the relationship. For example, you’re less confident and can see fewer positive qualities about yourself.
While relationship will cause stress at some point, a healthy relationshipwill bring you morejoy than stress. Ahealthy relationshipis based mutual trust, honesty, support, and good communication.

Answer 2

Sample response

A healthy relationship is based on trust and honesty. In a healthy relationship, partners practice mutual respect, make decisions together, and share their thoughts and emotions. In an unhealthy relationship, a partner may be controlling and possessive. The relationship may feel burdensome and/or be too much to handle. An unhealthy relationship can also lower a person's self-esteem and make a person feel bad about him or herself.

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A patient taking digitalis would probably have what type of disease? a. Throat infection
b. High cholesterol
c. High blood pressure
d. Heart disease


A patient taking digitalis would probably have what type of disease?

d. Heart disease

How can drug use, production, and sales pose a threat to public safety.


Because typically when there is drug use and production it involves gangs and stuff so it poses a risk to citizens

You just saw a video advertisement that shows an interview with a celebrity who says her life changed for the better when she started using a specific face cream, but to receive the product at the half price, you must call now. What technique has the advertising company used to persuade you to buy the face cream? Scientific evidence


The answer is D.) Urgency. The company is explaining that you must call now to receive the special offer.

Answer: The answer is D.) Urgency.

A __________ friendship is one that allows you to express your emotions and increases happiness. A. close B. dysfunctional C. casual D. estranged Pretty sure its A.) So I guess take these free points lol


The answer would be "option A". Having a good close friend could be the difference between having a good day. A good close friend is there to cheer you up when you are down and listen to your concerns. A close friend will be there for you as much as possible.

The correct answer for this question is letter A. Obviously, a close friendship should exhibit these traits. We can share feelings and thoughts in close friendships without fear of persecution. The other answer choices do not make sense here. We want close relationships.

Name three practices proven to be effective in lowering the risk of becoming infected with an STI.


Probably using condoms, abstaining from sex, or vaccinations for certain STI's


using condoms, abstaining from sex, or vaccinations for certain STI's


Which of the following injuries include instability of knee with pain swelling


Answer: C. ACL tear

Yup yup

Are there any choices?

It is important to wear protective equipment in both practice and games





This statement is true, you need to wear protective equipment in both practice and games, because the intensity is the same. Sometimes, the practice is even more intense that a real game, because, you want to improve through practice, to achieve your game goals.

It is true if that'swhat you're asking.

Being fair doesn't have to mean applying the same rules for everyone true or false



the answer is true





Damian has evaluated his skills and determined that he has excellent agility. He wants to sign up for two sports that will play to his strength. Which two sports will be best for him? Gymnastics and soccer Archery and baseball Swimming and tennis Volleyball and skateboarding


The best answer would be gymnastics and soccer. Gymnastics requires balance, coordination, strength, and endurance. The same applies to soccer. You also need speed to run on defense (as well as offense) and reflexes to know when to kick the ball away.

Static stretches are part of an effective cool down because they can help a. improve performance b. decrease blood flow c. prevent overload d. increase range of motion


D) increase range of motion

It is important to avoid isostatic stretches because they can a. increase body and muscle temperature
b. extend a joint beyond its regular range of motion
c. exceed the stretchable limits of the tissues involved
d. stretch the muscle to its farthest point


The answer to this question would be:b. extend a joint beyond its regular range of motion
The isostatic stretch can pose risk to the muscle tissue because it might go more than the joint limit.When the muscle stretched too far, it might go strain, causing pain and make the muscle became unusable. It might be damage the tendon too causing a sprain.


The answer is b.


It can be stretched beyond limit and I have had experience before because I did gymnastic.

What does the temporal lobe do?


It helps in auditory perception (helps in hearing ,seeing and being aware of something)..

By adulthood, a typical woman’s body composition is _____% fat, and a typical man has ______% body fat. A. 12; 3
B. 15; 7
C. 23; 12
D. 30; 25


The answer is d since in this day and age there is more comfort than survival.

Mary wants to get better at archery. In order to do this, she has created a list of skills she will need to improve. Which skill should get the most of her attention in order for her to excel at archery?


-be positive (the mind is important)
- Be put in positions of trust
-to concentrate
-well breathe

What are some of the long-term health risks associated with tobacco, alcohol, and drug use? State your answer in a paragraph. (Site 1)


Drug and alcohol or tobacco use can have a wide range of short- and long-term effects.
Longer-term effectswillembraceheart orrespiratory organmalady, cancer,psychopathy, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and others.
Long-rundrug usemay alsocauseaddiction. Dependencycould be aneurological disorder. Noteverybody who used medicine can become habitual,except forsome, drug usewillamendmenthoweversurebrain circuits work. These brain changes interfere with however individuals expertise traditionalpleasures in lifelikefood and sex, their abilityto regulatetheir stress level, their decision-making, their abilityto find outandbear in mind, etc.
These changescreateitfar moretroublesomefor somebodyto prevent taking the drug evenonceit’s having negative effects on their lifeand that theywishto quit.

There are many long term health risks when it comes to tobacco and alcohol, Tobacco there is lung cancer with alcohol you have liver failure and things like that

Why might two individuals have different responses to the same stressor


We are all different deal with stress;
- The less fragile person reacts to stress better
-a person with a balanced life will be less stressed (sport, healthy diet, no tobacco, alcohol)

identify at least one contribution to overall nutrition provided by each of the 12 organ systems of the body


Neural help you move your body and help get away or to better places, endocrine protects your body from foreign pathogens, your immune system help get rid of any bad pathogens in your body, reproductive systems help you spread your offspring, your digestive system helps with your nutrition and hormones being in balance, your resperation help you supply oxygen to the body, and your skeletal system gives your body form and help moving, your muscular help with moving and staying healthy, your cardiovascular helps with pumping white and red bloodcells into your body.

Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body produces too much insulin. True or False.


False .........................

False. Nobody knows why type 1 diabetes occurs, but scientists think it may have something to do with an autoimmune disorder.

People who have to avoid certain wheat and grain products or have been born without the ability to digest gluten have


It is called Celiac Disease.

1. Why is confidentiality so important in a medical office?


Due to the current HIPPA laws a persons medical information is considered confidential. Office personal is to sign an agreement to keep this information confidential. It is important because people do not want other people to know their business also do not want todiscriminatedagainst because there maybesomethingwrong with them. In the medical profession ones medical information is onlythe business of the patient and the physician

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